Self-Paced Online Life Coaching Course

Discover Your Purpose and Passion


This course will lead you through the process of reflecting and coming up with your passions that help you define your deeper purpose.

At different times in our lives, we may feel that we don’t have a purpose, or are unsure about what our purpose is.

Knowing your purpose is the first ingredient in creating a fulfilling life and career that fills you with passion, joy, and allows you to achieve ultimate happiness.

You will learn how to follow the step-by-step PURSUIT OF PURPOSE FRAMEWORK to uncover, prioritize, and create lifestyle changes necessary to maintain momentum towards living the life of your dreams.

Your best life won’t be built in a day. But with the right plan, it can evolve with you and last for a lifetime.

We’re fine-tuning course materials so you can hit the ground running in…

July 4, 2022

What my clients are saying…

{Over the past decade, it has been an honor to watch Teniqua excel in multiple roles, both personally and professionally, and persevere through every challenge that has come her way. She is extremely warm, welcoming, and personable. She is also trustworthy, encouraging, and highly insightful. Along her journey, she has curated the perfect balance of soft skills with concrete tools, processes, and plans of action for success and growth, in both her life and the lives of those she encounters. I am so fortunate to have a front-row seat in her life as she continues to walk in her purpose and empower others to do the same. As a close friend and life coach, she provides exceptional value and is worth her weight in gold. Working with Teniqua is a life-changing experience and you will forever be impacted for the better.
Aqueelah Winston

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